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Bonjour, Mademoiselle! :) My name is Jacques. I'm actively seeking my future life partner, aiming to connect with a woman who shares similar values. I'm looking for someone compatible with me because love is not enough. I'm eager to explore if we can cultivate our time together into a blossoming long-term relationship.

I know this is an uncommon (weird) way of meeting potential partners and, honestly, I'll likely meet my future wife by asking her out in person or on a dating app, but here's to another opportunity! Why not give myself more opportunities to meet people outside of traditional means if I'm looking for that special someone?

I'm wholeheartedly committed to this chapter of my life, currently meeting a variety of interesting people. Let's not delay - the sooner we can arrange a date, the better!

Summary of who I am

  • 30-year-old French Canadian currently working to reduce risks from superintelligent AI as an AI alignment researcher.
  • I'm 5'9", masculine, straight, and monogamous.
  • Hobbies include: playing guitar and singing for fun, martial arts, mentoring people, making friends and talking about AI on Twitter, and experiencing and learning new things.
  • Currently living in Montreal for the summer, but moving to London in the fall.
  • I want to have children, so I'm looking for someone who is also excited about becoming a parent. I can't wait to form a little garage band and do martial arts with my future kids!
  • I hosted a radio show during university, so I can make some sick playlists!
  • My current favourite song (and well, the lyrics are quite relevant!):
  • Looking to effectively contribute to helping create a world where everyone has a chance to flourish!
  • Striving for greatness. Living as my ideal self.
  • I'm someone who loves fiercely, helps my partner grow, and will go to bat for them.

Summary of who I'm looking for

  • Ideally, between the ages of early 20s to 30.
  • Similar intrinsic values.
  • Excited to have kids in the future.
  • Smart. Enjoys contributing to intellectual conversations.
  • Compassionate toward everyone, not just the people they like.
  • Values grace.
  • Emotionally stable.
  • Ambitious about contributing positively to the world!
  • Good work ethic.
  • Has a strong character while constantly seeking to grow and live a life based on what they truly value.
  • Someone I can greatly contribute to improving their lives toward who they seek to become. Someone who seeks to do the same for me.
  • Fun to be around, a ray of sunshine!

About my career

I am currently working to reduce risks from AGI. (Click for more)

If I weren't working on AI Alignment, I'd be working on some other way to ensure we can all live long lives with meaning. I'm mostly working on AI Alignment because I think it's the best way for me to ensure everyone can live a wonderful life across time and space.

In other words, I expect that we will get superintelligent AGI soon, which will have enormous impacts on the world. I don't want humanity to be robbed of a future where we can use AI systems to greatly alleviate global suffering and help us flourish even more! So, I work on this problem because it is interconnected with everything I care deeply about.

In the past, I studied physics and then co-founded a climate change + AI startup years ago and went through a startup accelerator. I'm still interested in entrepreneurship and expect to eventually use the skills I've built over the years to build an org or a startup. It was a great experience. Since then, I've been focusing on upskilling my technical skills, but I've been mentoring my little brother with his businesses almost daily.

Photos of me

What am I looking for in a partner?

My ideal relationship is one where we both help each other grow into our ideal selves we can both admire. Let's see if we’re a fantastic match!

We have similar intrinsic values and a shared vision.

My way of life is very much shaped by a form of Valuism, and I'm looking for a life partner who wants to think through our intrinsic values together. Someone who strives towards their ideal self and wants a partner who does the same.

I'm particularly attracted to women whose goal in life is not to just happiness. I'm attracted to the kind of woman who has bigger goals than herself and to improve the world beyond herself. I'm not interested in building a life with someone who lives their life fully in hedonism.

A strong, graceful, kind woman.

A woman who is compassionate and understanding of others, but also has her own informed opinions about the world and doesn't back down for what she believes in.

Feminine and Elegant

I'm fairly masculine in a relationship, and I tend to be quite attracted to women who have feminine traits like being nurturing, gentleness, warmth, empathy, and tenderness. Of course, I have feminine traits to balance the masculine as well, but I find it attractive when women have them.

There's also a level of elegance that I really love in a woman. There's an elegant way of carrying yourself, how you interact with others, and taking pride in one's appearance that I find really attractive.

I want someone who is supportive but also challenging me to grow.

Someone who makes me reconsider my opinions before our next morning chat over coffee/tea.

I want to be with the kind of person that tells me when I'm falling short of my ideals and gets me to accomplish more than I could ever dream of achieving alone. Of course, I want the kind of person who expects the same from me!

Someone who is at least interested in talking about intellectual topics and doing the most good.

I'm looking for someone with who I can have fun conversations about doing good. I want to talk about entertainment, fitness, and the latest drama too, but I just want to make sure I'm with someone who enjoys talking about more intellectual topics like AI, charities, philosophy, etc.

Stays fit!

As someone who greatly values an active lifestyle, I'm seeking a partner who equally cherishes maintaining their health and physique. Someone who understands that maintaining our bodies through fitness and good eating habits is integral to remaining attractive and vibrant.

More about me!

I'm a big fan of listening to and playing music.

Picture this: sipping your morning brew and reading a book while listening to me play chill guitar songs. :)

I used to host a radio show where I'd introduce listeners to new genres. Let's share music!

If I get a hold of a new saxophone, I might play Careless Whisper to spice things up!

Like I said earlier, one of the main reasons I continue to play music now is to jam with my future family!

Fitness and Martial Arts

I'm very much into weightlifting and do some martial arts (BJJ, Muay Thai, and Self-Defense).

"Hey, pretty lady, wanna dance?"

I've always been interested in partner dancing and always thought it would be cool to know how to dance at a wedding. In my early 20s, I took a few classes in Jive, Waltz, Foxtrot, Merengue, and Salsa. I'm rusty as heck, but maybe we can take lessons together? That said, I still know how to lead and give you a twirl. Below is a photo of me dancing with my mom. It's my favourite picture with me in it; look at her beautiful smile :).

And here's a picture of me absolutely tearing it up on the dance floor. If you just start dancing, other people want to join the fun, and then the party really starts. Want to get the party started with me?

Hosting Parties

Ever since I hosted a banquet when I was the President of the Student Council at my university's faculty of science, I've loved hosting parties. Hopefully, we can host some together and cook tasty food for our friends.

Here's the "Turtleneck Party" I hosted, where everyone wore turtlenecks:


I enjoy exploring from time to time.

I enjoy going on hikes and exploring nature from time to time. It's certainly not an every weekend thing for me (so if you're especially outdoorsy, we're likely not a good match), but I'll go once every month or so.

Below is a picture of me at Lake Louise during the year's first snow. The first snow started as soon as I arrived! It was gorgeous.

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